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Application for Gryffinpuff HOH

Name: Karen
Position:Head of House

Why do you think you are qualified for this position? I believe that I am qualified for this position because I have a great love for this community and the members of it. I have temporarily been doing the duties of the HOH while the site was being built. I am presently a Headgirl on my friend Alex's website and believe that this helps with the knowledge needed for a good HOH.

What are some defining traits of your house? How do you embody them? GryffinPuffs are fierce, loyal, brave and true. I embody all that is Gryffinpuff as there is very little I wouldn't do for my friends and family. When I love I love with all of me. But when I am hurt or find that my loyalty has been misplaced I can be a bit vindictive.

Give some examples of previous leadership, please be specific (on and off line). As I previously stated, I am a headgirl on my friend Alex's site, The Forbidden Forest. Off line I was a member of Peer leadership in high school. We did mild leadership training and a large amount of community service. I come from a large family so taking the lead is like second nature to me. I love being in large groups and thrive under pressure.

Do you have time for this position? We are asking for several days a week commitment here. I do have plenty of time for this position. I have access to the internet at work as well as at home. Two nights a week I have school but I will still have all day to commit to caring for the students placed in my care.

OPTIONAL: Leave your AIM or email if someone would like to 'interview' you on their own time.
AIM: Bellatook1
Yahoo: Belladonnatook1
MSN: Belladonntook1
MSN and Yahoo are also my email addresses.
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